Friday, September 2, 2011

On The Fence

As much as I love September, sometimes it's good for a season to just make up it's damn mind and either be hot or cold.  I leave the house in a scarf and sweater, shivering, and by noon it's suddenly eighteen million degrees out, and the layers that accompanied me on my walk to work are left behind in piles around my office.  What up wit dat? Anyway one good thing about the indecisive nature of September - aside from the fact that in a soul-mate kind of way it matches my own indecisiveness - is that it lets you still wear some of your summer sandals when coupled with delicate hosiery.  I've been saving this safari dress for a walk in the woods (or a safari), but neither opportunity has been presented, so my living room (and nearby gelato shop) will do.  The last photo below clearly demonstrates the arduous task of thinking up gelato flavors.  (Although everyone knows it's Baci FTW.) 


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