Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

A few weeks ago I woke up at 4 am and drove to Montreal for the unveiling of Lanvin for H&M.  The store opened at 8 am, and upon arriving I noticed an already-snaking line.  Shoving silly hand warmers into my mitts, I fought off the crisp, dark cold, and passed the hours criticizing my fellow consumers. In front of me was a fully grown man who arrived with his mother, whom he sent on a coffee run just minutes before the doors opened.  Behind me was a clan of plus-sized pretty boys bragging about how much they were going to buy.  We were given bracelets displaying the time frame in which we were allowed to enter the women's Lanvin area, while the men's section was open to everyone as of 8 am.  When the clock struck eight, and the doors opened, I began to question my understanding of humanity.  Men, shoving women out of the way, clambered up a downwards escalator, racing each other to the silk ties and leather loafers.  Though the pretty boys had been standing behind us for the past couple of hours, they were somehow already upstairs by the time I politely jogged my way up. 
The dresses were gorgeous, without a doubt, but surprisingly, they were not very flattering. I tried on a pink frilly number, and was told I resemble a cupcake.  Then I was told that's not a good thing. 
So, I settled on a pair of gorgeous burlesque-ish red pumps, heels encrusted in rhinestones, and a pink chandelier necklace. Now I just need the right outfit for them. 

The most exciting shopping bag!

My vintage faux fur coat makes a brilliant comeback..

Ignoring the several times I had dresses torn out of my hands by rabid shoppers, it was a truly magical event.