Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Market

Through the years, the annual flea market has become a fall staple for me, and amazingly enough, this year it fell on a warm, sunny day.  Not only are the finds really cool (the Gianfranco Ferré sunglasses that I like to intimidate passers-by with were acquired at said venue for less than the price of an overpriced coffee), but everything is just so weird and aside from a few Nintendo cartridges, nothing is under 100 years old. Actually wait, old? I think I still have some sandpaper lying around from those days.  Anyway, just when I couldn’t be any more excited about our adventure, I remembered the farmer’s market, which happened to be in full swing. And the farmer’s market meant one thing: farmers.  Two things, if you include the macarons I purchased and devoured on the spot, much to the embarrassment of my date.  So, farmer’s market + flea market = one excellent Sunday afternoon.  The following is a summation of the best day (so far!) of this wonderful-and now official-autumn. Note the ten dollar whore, by the way.


I also found two amazing vintage purses and thanks to my date's haggling skills, they followed me home.

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