Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you call it an aubergine you'll sound classy

One little snag of living alone is that I don't often cook elaborate meals just for myself.  I don't eat very big portions so a lot of what I cook ends up being wasted.  I used to bring leftovers to work for other people to eat, but then I started to feel like a perv-y Mr.Rogers, so that stopped, and I was once again left with seventeen portions of paella, which isn't fun to eat.  Anyway, while I mostly stick to quick little dishes when dining solo, this past weekend I wanted to thug out on a recipe and this Gingery Eggplant in Coconut Sauce seemed promising as it was both vegan and exciting- two things that don't always co-exist.  I substituted a can of coconut milk for the 'coconut' because I wasn't sure of the form their coconut was in.  I also used Graffiti eggplant, because that was all I could find at my local grocery store (and because it sounds bad-ass).  It turned out really well, thanks to these ingredients:

Is there anything more photogenic than spices?

In all my experience with curries and generally creamy dishes,  it's very difficult to make them look good in photographs, so this is the best summation of the deliciousness that resulted:

Then I decided no meal was complete without a warm, chocolatey dessert, so I found Anais' trusty Blondies recipe, and spent the rest of the afternoon eating my emotions:

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