Friday, September 30, 2011

Indian Summer

Tourists and dads to mortified teenage daughters must be loving this seasonal transition phase just for those magical three words: socks and sandals. You definitely can't commit this particular sin in rainy weather, so at the first sign of sunshine I busted my very own pair and found a nearby forest (which, admittedly, is where this fashion staple should really stay).  I wore this number out downtown a few days ago and, having passed a couple of teenage boys, heard: "Did you get a load of that? She socked and sandalled!" You know it's real when it's a verb. The dress is a vintage I picked up a few years ago which, for some reason, I haven't worn until this summer.  At any rate, I'm loving how warm the weather still is, providing ample opportunities for resurrecting the dead - garment-wise, that is..

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