Saturday, September 3, 2011

Black Black Heart

Though I've never been into Moist, my love affair with David Usher began when I was given his first solo album as a birthday gift in grade nine, and absolutely everyone who knows me knows about my painfully unrequited love and mocks me accordingly.  David Usher got me through broken teenage hearts, through hour-long bus rides to school every morning (CD player with single 12-song CD? check.), and well, frankly, when no one else got it, David did.  Add to that his sultry eyes, that wispy hair, the perfect disregard for mixing blue with black (his signature ensemble is composed of blue pants with a black shirt) could anyone not love that? Alas, no one I know shares my passion for this 45 year-old man.  And while I used to go to his shows by myself, thankfully it's getting easier and easier to evoke pity in my loved ones thus coercing them into being my concert companions.  The pity, of course, stems from the fact that I am tragically in love with an old married man.
Anyway, because David knew that my summer couldn't be complete without us seeing each other, he made an appearance at a local fair last night.  I was almost certain I'd be attending this event alone when my lovely friend Rowan offered to come along.  Like a true gentleman, Rowan did his best not to laugh, but couldn't hold back for long.  "On the big screen, you can make out his IVs", he said.  They just don't get it, David.

The two pictures of David were taken by Rowan who was able to get a much better shot, being much taller than me. The last photo, I think, is my favorite one of all in existence...

And if you aren't yet mesmerized by his perfection, here's a shot from a show he played in 2010, where he has slightly longer hair....ugh, swoon..

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