Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diner Français - Part Two

I've been saving this one particular raspberry tart recipe for a year now, and with raspberries still being in season, I decided it would be one of my summer goals.  Coupled with white wine, it was absolutely charming. The exciting part about this tart is that the bottom of the crust is brushed in semi-sweet chocolate.  The non-exciting part about making it is that chocolate often likes to instantly solidify after it's been melted.  Oh, another fun thing: the glaze on the tart is a raspberry+red wine reduction - fantastic. Oh, and that other thing that kinda resembles the boeuf bourgignon I made a few weeks back is coq-au-vin. (The less mature gentlemen in my life enjoyed that title very much...let's all be twelve years old again, shall we?)  I'm beginning to think French staples are butter, mushrooms and red wine...and I really don't mind :) 

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