Tuesday, April 23, 2013

sally's cereals: maple & brown sugar

This morning, unintentionally, I walked to work with the following playlist:

1. Toto - Africa
2. Toto - Africa
3. Toto - Africa
4. Toto - Africa
5. Toto - Africa
6. Toto - Africa
7. Toto - Africa
8. Toto - Africa
9. Toto - Africa

It was somewhere between #7 and #8 that I thought Damn, this album is just one hit after another.. and soon after, it had become clear to me that I was tired. Really tired. Just like every morning. Regardless of the time I go to bed. Because hearing people talk about their sleeping problems is basically the best way to cure your own, I'll skip over that and go right into the best part about it all: the morning. Or, to be more specific, breakfast.  One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast when I'm not frying up a bacon-crusted statue of Pegasus is oatmeal, so when I came across Sally's Cereals, I was pretty excited to check it out. What caught my eye is that Sally's cereal is made with natural ingredients, and contains flax, quinoa, and whole grain brown rice (among other super healthy stuff). You just don't see that kind of stuff in a sugary treat very often - especially not at Walmart, where I found it.

Let me just say it tastes AMAZING! I bought two flavours, and am really excited to report that the Maple & Brown Sugar is perfectly gooey, hearty, sweet, and maple-y (with the occasional little cranberry to surprise you!), and goes very, very well with your morning coffee. I haven't yet tried the other flavor (which I will unveil in the coming weeks - I know, gasp-a-tron), but I'm just gonna say this while I'm still here: this is my new absolute favorite instant oatmeal. The packaging is almost unbearably cute, and it comes in a pouch with a measuring line for your water, for when you don't have a measuring cup around and you just wanna make your oatmeal super quick and get back to reading about the rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan...you can microwave this stuff, and it doesn't explode! About $5.00 for 5 pouches of hot, sugary goodness, at 160 calories a pouch...go ahead and get a whole milk latte for your bad self.

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