Tuesday, April 23, 2013

happy administrative professionals day!

Hey, so guess what I found at Hallmark the other day? An entire aisle devoted to Administrative Professionals Day! So you know what that means? It means it's real, and it's special, and anyone who has ever had to photocopy the contents of a thousand-page legislative document, fix an industrial sized paper jam, or answer two simultaneous phone lines while answering an email with their left shoulder gets to be treated like the superstar Admin that they are! Here are some ways you could treat yourself today, if you, too, have ever taken a taxi across town with seven of your managers' laptops:

1. Buy yourself a donut. Any donut. I'm not kidding, you can even have a fritter.
2. Come in 15 minutes late (but then stay 15 minutes late in the evening because someone probably set themselves on fire in the time you were away this morning.)
3. Buy a cup of really retardedly expensive coffee at Starbucks and do it while wearing sunglasses so people think you're the boss in The Devil Wears Prada. (Have I figured out the meaning of "Be your own boss"?)
4. Make a point of reclining in your seat whenever there's no one around. Bonus points if you can put your feet up. Maybe you can find an old ink cartridge box somewhere.
5. Put an Out of Office message on, but have it remind everyone what day it is.  Respond to their emails promptly, so as to avoid confusion.
6. Print a picture of David Hasselhoff, or any other hunk you can think of...in color...and put it up on your wall. You're allowed to look at him all day today, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
7. Call your mom. Oh wait, you do that every day anyway. Oh wait, just me. Okay, call your mom anyway though.
8. Confetti. Someone else's office. I'm just saying.
9. Eat chip wagon fries for lunch. Why? Because you won't let yourself do it on any other day. Today is different though- today is your day.
10. Bring a bottle of hand cream and moisturize your hands every hour.  That's what rich people do, probably.

Pick any of these options and you're bound to feel extra special today! And on a more fashion-y note, here are two of my favorite work outfits, with the latter being a little less appropriate due to skirt length, but still manageable if skirt length is monitored.  It's hard to tell (because my tripod is malfunctioning and having a bit of an administrative unprofessional moment), but the raspberry pink skirt is actually floor-length. I'm sure it'll make another appearance as the summer months roll in.

Have a beautiful day, regardless of what you do for a living!

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