Monday, April 8, 2013

running in santa clara

One thing that's really fun about running is that you can do it anywhere in the world (as opposed to, say, kickboxing or side-lunging). Running to discover a location lets you take a quick look around and even dodge large dogs and possibly men with knives and stuff (you can run away since you're already running and you're all warmed up as opposed to them).  Anyway, when running in Ottawa, I usually use the Nike+Running app on my iPhone, which is fantastic for tracking your distance with GPS, but when running in a far away place where you don't want to have your data on (required for the GPS), it's nice to have the Nike+iPod chip that goes in your shoe and connects wirelessly to the Nike+iPod app on your phone data-free. It tracks your runs and when you return to your warm, comfy, data-filled homeland, you can send your runs from the Nike+iPod app to the Nike+Running app and sync everything up so everything is still tracked. Pretty sweet!

On a recent trip to Santa Clara, Cuba, we covered what I'm pretty sure is the entire island from point to point.  It didn't look like it was very far, but it was quite the journey.  The sand was soft and the terrain was relatively flat, but still a little challenging with my feet sinking deep with each step.

One side of the island ended in rocks and the other in penises, and that was when we knew we had gone too far: nude beach, please announce yourself in advance. Thanks.

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  1. Hahaha... there must be a way to squeeze in a "that's what she said" in there ;)