Thursday, December 29, 2011

an old friend

I'd love to attribute my lack of posting to a spiritual quest-filled absence, or to perhaps some sort of matter of principle type of endeavor (maybe involving me rebelling against cyberspace in general) but really, it's because I've been busy eating.  And by eating I mean drinking.  And by drinking I mean drinking.  It's been a very lovely holiday season despite my new-found friendship with red wine, and thanks to my mom's cooking, I'll likely be spending new year's eve in one of those motorized Wal-Mart wheelchairs, which I'll have driven past the limits of the parking lot, to the side of the road and, hopefully, into oncoming traffic.  On a less depressing note, my favorite part about Christmas this year was the color of the sky.  After dinner, we took a walk outside and, as can be seen by these photos, it looked like it was late afternoon instead of nearly-midnight. It wasn't too cold either, which was a very nice touch for Canada, and provided the best excuse to throw on an old friend: my vintage coat.

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