Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh sandwich, you bully

The other day, my friend Liam made me a sandwich, and when I bit into it, its deliciousness literally brought a tear to my eye.  I swear on my Lanvin pumps that I have never, ever cried from eating food before, but there was something about the combination of the deli meat and mustard that felt like edible fireworks.  I hope to Christ a sandwich never makes me cry again because there are few things more humiliating than said reaction, but mostly, this reminded me that I don't make them often enough. Truthfully, I think the reason I was so overwhelmed was because I hadn't eaten deli meat in like eight millenia, but at this point who even knows. I wanted to recreate a similar result- but less pathetic- using vegan, organic ingredients, and I'm pretty excited to say I did.  This bad boy is comprised of vegenaise, avocado (the steak of vegetables, really), hydroponic lettuce, steakhouse tomatoes, and the fun part: tempeh 'bacon' strips, grilled and seasoned.  I also used seven grain organic spelt bread which was appropriately toasted. Technically, it's kind of a BLT. Or I guess with an avocado, that makes it a BALT. Or a BLAT. Or an ABLT. Or just a sandwich.

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