Wednesday, December 7, 2011

kissmas, you're almost here!

This year, I opted to stray from the popsicle stick reindeer and popcorn garlands for the Christmas tree, and went with an aquamarine+white theme instead.  Just kidding about the popsicle stick reindeer and popcorn garlands..I wouldn’t dare.  My sister was kind enough to help me string the little (well I’ll just say it) blue balls, and the decorating process was warmly accompanied by Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas, on repeat.  

Then I put together a centerpiece for my upcoming dinner, which looked a little something like this, and left my apartment covered in tiny Styrofoam balls…

Money Tree was feeling a little excluded so I bestowed upon him my newly acquired (and very prized) ornaments- glass peanut and toadstool- purchased on a lovely afternoon with Anais:

After putting together the tree, I realized something vital was missing. I needed something to top it, something angelic, ethereal, pure, beautiful, and as holy as it gets: Daniel Craig.  Here he is:

I'd like this year-round, please.

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