Thursday, March 1, 2012

crystal clear

I haven't thought about crystals since my Sailor Moon days.  Well actually there was also a brief stint with a girlfriend when we thought we could use white magic to bring our boyfriends back.  Days of reciting spells while tying ribbons around dollar-store candles and aligning aforementioned crystals into magic shapes and all that we got out of it was a pillow covered in wax and a room that smelled like a 70s porno.  Fast-forward twenty years (okay seven) and I'm found staring at a bag of white top-drilled quartz stones I ordered in bulk.  Since banning myself from shopping I've found ways to bypass the rule by making (almost) everything I've been tempted to buy, and so far...well, so good. If you're interested in making this necklace, make sure to thread it with a metal wire and use crimping beads to stop the threads at both ends.  Also, use a good quality chain because you don't want your crystals falling all over the place (misaligned) giving you twenty-eight years of bad luck. Don't say I didn't warn you.