Thursday, January 26, 2012

sometimes things look up

A while ago, I was walking around my local health food store like a zombie (a tradition since I've gone raw) clawing at anything that looked legitimate, haphazardly chewing on wrappers in hopes of alleviating my hunger when I came across what I can only describe as the light at the end of the tunnel.  It was then and there that I knew I could make it to the end of this month because I had found chocolate. Real, raw chocolate. I bought every kind they had, ignoring the cost, and have since then sampled all of them.  All were bittersweet (obviously it wasn't milk chocolate) and absolutely delicious, except for the Olivia Chocolat with almonds, which not only looked gross on the inside (reminding me of my chocolate/spider fiasco) but tasted like if a chocolate bar went tanning and didn't moisturize- dry, flaky and trying too hard.  Although at the same time it wasn't trying too hard at all-it wasn't trying enough: whoever made the chocolate bar threw four almonds into it just as it solidified, not even caring for their proper immersion in the mould. The result: an awkwardly lumpy, tumor like countenance. 
That's all I'll say on raw chocolate, aside from the fact that it tastes just like regular dark chocolate, but this discovery did take me closer to the thought that yes, I could do this forever if I had to.
By the way, Olivia Chocolat, here is what almonds should look like (I soaked these about eight hours), in case you ever decide to switch from the dehydrated-testicle shape you have opted for in your creations.

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