Tuesday, January 17, 2012

green with envy, but not really though

If I had to pick the coolest kitchen utensil out of all the ones I have, I'd pick my juicer. I got it for Christmas and I seriously can't get over what a bad-ass it is.  One moment it's a carrot and the next it's a pile of orange fibers next to a glass of glowing juice - you can't beat that.  The only thing that sucks about it is the laborious process of cleaning it after every use.  Regardless, I've used it a few times over these past couple of weeks, and one of those times was to make an amazing breakfast juice concoction otherwise known as a Pear Parsley Lemonade.  The recipe couldn't be easier: juice 1 pear, a handful of parsley, a few pieces of celery, 1/2 a lemon, and if you really wanna be a thug - 1 medium sized cucumber.  Then drink up. Yeah, I won't say it takes like a dream, but it's really, really good for you, and quite honestly, it has easily replaced my morning coffee, if only for the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I realize I managed to keep down whatever ungodly thing I just swallowed. That's what she said. 

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