Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Battle Begins

Last winter was such a lovely break from the norm...the snow only made one attempt at scaring us (a 24 hour blizzard), after which it, seemingly shamed by its failure, sat in little clumps, shyly melting into sewers. Being able to walk to a coffee shop without having to pull strands of frozen hair out of my eyelids was wonderful.  Having full control of my fingers on my trips to and from work was delightful. Being able to wear my new ankle boots without having them covered in patches of salt like winter's own barnacles...just perfect.  It seems this year we'll be paying the price. Yesterday was the coldest October day ever.  My friend Lindsay and I first noticed it as we walked back to work having bought lunch.  Our McDonald's bags flailed violently in our hands, risking escape and consequently, the release of two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun onto passers-by.  The wind howled, and it was freezing. So, I thought, 'Okay winter. Let's do this.'

Winter rose to the challenge last night.  It snowed. On October 23rd.  And instead of getting angry, I decided to compile a quick list of essentials for the "not fall anymore but not quite winter yet" season. 
Item number One, of course, is a nice, big scarf.  I tend to choose earth tones for my wardrobe, so this time I decided to follow my 14 year-old sister's advice and step out of my shell.  I love the lilac color of this one, and I really, really love the giant pompoms. The only thing I still haven't decided is how I like to wear it...

With my hair up, looking part Little My, Part Lykke Li, and really drawing the focus to it's shape, perhaps? 

Then, of course, it's important to factor in shoes, purse, and hat.  I haven't worn this vintage hat out yet (it's a vintage pillbox) but my plan is to wear it with these fabulous vintage shoes and purse. 

Last but not least, I'd say the best transition-season article of clothing is a little faux-fur coat.  

I found this one at an antique store in New York, and wore it for the first time last night.  Maybe it's the four seasons of Sex and the City I watched in the last two weeks (in which Carrie makes wearing fur coats as natural as a donning a pair of Uggs), or maybe it's just the coat...but when I walked down the street and felt it's light trim flowing gently behind me, I thought, 'You can have this round, winter.'


  1. Thanks Ladyplay! That's quite a compliment coming from someone as lovely as you :)