Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illegal Steven

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I needed a break from real life, and took the train to Montreal, where time doesn't necessarily stop, but rather stops caring.  An example of that was the two-hour train ride which was somehow condensed into (what seemed like) a five minute chat with a family of eight heading down to watch the hockey game.  Montreal was playing Ottawa, so we weren't the only ones chatting:  the entire train was heading down to watch the game, and the pre-party was held in Via Rail seats 1-200. 

My friend Tyler met me at the station and said something really stupid upon seeing me, launching us into what turned into a 48 hour laughing/heaving fit, full of wheelchair-bound traffic rule breakers, and imaginary cougars.  Somehow our old friend The Pantera Italiana (The Italian Panther)  made his/her way into conversation once again.  Tyler and I met in Italian class, and we like to imagine our relationship stemming from our love for this imaginary...thing.  The surprising part is that it's been years since it's creation, yet when we see each other, all pantera-isms rise to the surface.   

But all was not lost to our inexplicable immaturity:  when we weren't mistaking Cher for Jim Carrey or declaring that Christmas is about blame and regret, we cleaned out H&M, danced amidst pre-pubescent boys, ate incredible food, and dreamt really strange dreams. Only in Montreal. 

Tyler, posing with a nearly-vegan scarf.
Thanks, 10% wool, thanks a lot.

We waited about eight hours (fine, one) to have Sunday brunch at Sparrow, but it was well worth it. My new favorite brunch place, if only for these homemade vanilla custard donuts and mimosa!

"There is no shame in preferring happiness." I found this quote at Les Glaceurs, the cupcake shop I wrote about in an earlier entry, where Tyler and I ended our adventures.  What better way to capture such a lighthearted weekend? 

I'm starting to really like Montreal and its craziness.  The unpredictability of our metro station surroundings, the unreasonably late open hours of bistros and toy shops, the insatiable craving everyone seems to have for being somewhere, everywhere perhaps, at once...the energy is so palpable.  Though sometimes I wonder if maybe, just maybe, it's just Tyler. 


  1. Oh, you. I bet you say that to all your Montreal friends.


  2. the branch looks so yummi!
    that's soooo cool you visited my blog and left me a comment! it made me sooo happy! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via blogger, bloglovin, facebook and twitter!

    xoxo from rome