Monday, October 11, 2010

A Quick Thanks

In light of the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend we had, I thought I'd capture a couple of the things I'm most thankful for. It was hard to hold back from posting the entire contents of my camera for this one, as I've realized it's bursting with memories of wonderful people and places.  Here's an abbreviated version...or my attempt at one:

Things I'm Thankful For

1 ) My birthday being in September!  This year, I had the pleasure of discovering these in Montreal: 

2)  Waking up to this sweet little corner every morning...

3)  Successfully baking a pumpkin roll vertically in an oven (due to cookie sheet being too large to fit oven)...

4)  And almost successfully baking a vegan pecan pie...this one bubbled wildly in the oven and, as a result, stuck to the pan. 

So there it is. I wish I knew enough people to ask what you are happy for, but for now I'll stick to perusing random blogs in search of that answer :)  And in the meantime, here are a couple of my favorite fall pieces, including my fall coat (the one that appears to be gobbling me up in the last photo) which I've had for a year now (*gasp) and which I have, quite suddenly, been receiving compliments on whenever I'm in public. Very strange that it took a year for people to say something. I now understand the meaning of an 'investment' piece ;)

I've been looking for a companion for this light vintage top for years

When I first bought this vintage dress, my intention was to cut the bottom to knee-length, but I once had it on while Jacques Brel was playing and it's serious twirliness made a poignant argument for keeping the length as it is :)

The length really makes the contrasting tones stand out. Also, if I wore this on a date, I wouldn't need to awkwardly explain that I'm not easy. The dress would say it for me. (Oh, the belt is vintage as well.)

This is what happens when I attempt to be graceful. I've given up a while ago. I blame it on the puffiness of the jacket.  Of note: I bought these shoes two years ago in Tallinn, Estonia and they still go with just about everything!


  1. Ah yes. The leather skirt makes an appearance.

  2. I wish I had as much fashion sense as you... Or even half as much!

    The thing I'm most thankful for are great friends and legs that work so I can keep on running ;)

  3. Omg, oh my oh my, this was So entertaining, I wish there was more! I LOVE your outfits, LOVE your style, and love your writing. I'm sharing your blog:) lOvelY! poka!:D