Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Heron Restaurant at The Wakefield Mill

I don’t write about restaurants very often, but I was recently invited back to the Heron Restaurant at the Wakefield Mill for dinner, and was so blown away by the attention to detail that I thought it would only be fair to share it here with the rest of you lovers of food and great service.

If you haven’t yet visited Wakefield, you’re missing out on a little jewel of a town close enough to Ottawa for an afternoon trip, and far enough away that it truly feels like a vacation.  Wakefield is great for long walks, through the hills and by the water, and what’s great about long walks is the appetite they sometimes build up.  Enter the Wakefield Mill.

Image: Tripadvisor
 Upon arriving, my date and I were promptly seated at a lovely little table near the window, overlooking the waterfall.  You really can’t beat the ambiance of a room made up of windows.

And the duck confit I had there for lunch a few weeks ago was absolutely unforgettable...

Our dinner-time waiter was exceptionally courteous and made several wonderful suggestions, including for us to order a bottle of wine and “drink the rest of it at home”…how did you read my mind? I thought, answering: “No, no, a small glass will do. I’m not that kind of girl.”

Our meals took a little long to arrive, likely because they were made fresh, and so, a short while later, we were presented with a beautiful appetizer to tide us over:

Salmon with a pineapple vinaigrette and candied Meyer lemon, and a delicate lychee sorbet with a beet sauce reduction: a light amuse-bouche that still left me hungry enough for the main course, which is good, because I hate it when I’m not hungry.

My date ordered the duck confit (which I, of course, recommended wholeheartedly), and I, channeling my inner Mister Big, ordered a medium-rare beef medallion with those soft, buttery Qu├ębec style french fries…

Dinner was absolutely, impeccably delicious, and I really appreciated the Restaurant Director, Anthony Mason, coming over to personally greet me and to make sure everything was to our liking. It’s this sort of exceptional service, dedication, and care that draws you into the warmth of the Heron Restaurant, and why I will certainly return on many more occasions.


  1. What a great summary of your experience there! I have recently visited the Mill twice for an overnight girls getaway! I am always amazed by the attention to detail, and the unbelievable customer service they give! I am a huge fan, and will be returning very soon!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I'm happy to hear that so many people have had a similar experience there! A girls getaway sounds like so much fun..I think I might go for that too..they definitely go above and beyond to make you feel welcome :)