Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with Pistachios

Yesterday morning, I stood in the middle of the lobby looking up at the sky while contemplating ideas that are normally distracted by office noises. Some of these ideas include: What am I doing with my life? and How can I eat egg whites without gagging? Both immensely overwhelming, and both the types of questions that can never be answered. Anyway, I was deeply immersed in one or all of these thoughts, when I felt something hitting the back of my leg. I had gone skating the day before, so I figured it was just my body crumbling from the unexpected strain of being coerced into not falling over for two straight hours (thank God skate rentals are only for two hours, by the way! Now that’s what I call getting hooked up!)…so I ignored it. But then I felt it again, and this time, it was much harder. I turned around to find a blind person was hitting me with their blind person stick. They didn’t seem interested in moving on, but just kinda stood there, rapping my legs like a xylophone. Here’s the interesting part: A non-blind person stood beside them, nodding.
“How does that feel? Does it feel like wall? Or does it feel like a person?” they asked. The blind person wasn’t sure, so they began to hit faster. I didn’t want to move aside, risking them being forever confused by this ‘moving wall’ or ‘static person’, so I continued looking off into the distance. Sometimes you just have to pay it forward.

Later that day, I came home craving chocolate so bad that I, myself, wasn’t sure whether I was wall or person.  I had cocoa, and I had some fruits. I had Google, and I had a freezer.  Putting those things together, I ended up with this:

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with Pistachios

I would hardly even call this a recipe because it is just so simple and straightforward (I mean, it’s pretty much like saying ‘take this banana and eat it’), but here’s how you create this amazingly delicious, clean, and healthy dessert:

1.       You freeze a banana

2.       Once it’s frozen, you peel it

3.       You blend the banana in a food processor

4.       You add cocoa powder until it tastes as chocolatey as you can handle


I mean, how?? How does it taste so good??? And then if you want to take it to that next level…

6.       You add pistachios. 

Bonus: add shredded coconut! (not pictured above because I ate it too fast)

I love this ‘ice cream’ and have made it several times already, and if anyone said something like “if you like it so much why don’t you just marry it?” I would. I would marry it. It’s just too bad we cantaloupe.

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