Friday, May 23, 2014

The Other 'DD' (Distracted Driving)

Through the years, I’ve unfortunately read just way too many articles about fatal accidents resulting from at least one of the drivers texting at the wheel.  When I think about the many ways “don’t text and drive” has been enforced just in our city, it becomes exceedingly obvious that this type of distraction is a serious issue.  It’s hard to believe that just a few seconds/words can have such horrific consequences, and yet, I continue to see people’s faces tilted down to their phones, even while driving on the turbo inferno speedway-through-time that is the highway. Seriously y'all.

While it’s important to keep the issue of texting and driving in mind, I recently took part in Billings Bridge’s “Distracted Driving” campaign and was reminded of just how many more distractions there can be!  Snacking, doing your make up, checking out cute joggers….bad bad bad, even if the latter is merely to confirm appropriate athletic form.

In addition to not texting while driving (and you know what,  why don’t you not text while being a passenger, also, because it’s kinda rude to the driver, sort of) (just suggesting) I have also pledged to not sip coffee.  Oh, and for my guy’s birthday last year, I gifted him with this bad boy: (hamburger not included)

Partly to make him feel like a fast food king, and mostly because it makes me cringe when he reaches to scoop fries from under his legs, I made the decision in a split second and have never looked back. Ps. do you love how in the photo, it's a diet coke? Like that would even happen. Okay.

Let’s take the pledge together, and well…arrive alive. (Jeez sorry for the after-school special)
Check out the campaign below:

Oh and here I am, taking the pledge to not check people out while driving. Okay then.

A great job, Billings!

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  1. That is so true. Car accidents are caused, sadly, by a lot of small distractions. Driving under the influence may be the most known case, but it's not the only one we should pay attention to. Texting while driving comes in a close second, and everyone should always be mindful of that distraction. Thank you for bringing useful insight to the matter. All the best! :)

    Hubert Singleton