Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hey, I remember you...

I was punishing myself with one of my most dreaded tasks - organizing photo folders on my computer- when I came across a set of pictures that I had forgotten to post, taken sometime in August.  These were taken in the football field near my mom's house, where there are some fantastic Katy Perry-make-out-esque bleachers.  While my facial expression undeniably scared off any potential make out suitors, the last fading days of the summer were still a perfect canvas for Lanvin (necklace) and vintage (heels). I think one of my favorite purchases of all time is this pair of heels, because I have worn them literally year-round, and their versatility is absolutely brilliant.  Oh, also, I'm really loving the cool tones of the colors. It's a bit like I'm underwater or in a peppermint dream.

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