Industria Brasserie at Lansdowne

Sweet or savoury? Netflix or friends? Pizza or Big Mac? While the answers to the first two of life's great questions may remain a mystery, the newly opened Industria Brasserie at Ottawa's ever-hip Lansdowne park resolves the third conundrum effortlessly: have both, at the same time!

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Industria Brasserie's newly opened Ottawa location, and I knew it would be a great night just by the looks of these gorgeous cocktails:

The place has only been open for a couple of months but already has that cozy glow to it - the glow of comfort, of a place you want to sit and hang out in, if not for the little glass jelly fish..

Then for the exposed brick walls, vintage lantern-style lights, or hot red booths...

But really, lets be honest: it's about the food.  Chef Sergio Mattoscio explained that his aim in this menu was keeping Italian tradition and roots strong in his cooking, introducing smaller style tapas called Sfizi, encouraging diners to bond over their food (or not bond, if you're not the sharing type and hide your portion under the table because fairsies and stuff).  Industria also boasts seven pasta choices freshly made in-house, one of which was this hearty, rich orecchiette pasta with Italian sausage, rapini, and tomato:

And if pasta isn't your thing, the fresh selection of pizzas is just as incredible. Have you ever cut a pizza with scissors? It feels so wrong, but so right...

And how could I have started this post with that terrible intro and not shown you why? Enter Industria Pizza, which is essentially a Big Mac pizza...

And speaking of fresh, we also got to gorge on try lobster tacos (!!!), shrimp, giant meatballs, a slow-roasted pork belly/shoulder burger, and a chocolate pizza:

so delicious, I had to put a filter on bae

The dishes that stood out to me were the lobster tacos and the prosciutto pizza, but I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone to venture into the world of Industria Brasserie's share-a-rific menu, if what you're looking for is fresh, authentic, and super cool Italian cuisine.

Oh, and did I mention the ample drink selection was a nice touch? 

Thank you Blackbook Lifestyle, Myriam Valcin, and Industria Brasserie!

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