Thursday, March 17, 2011

Homemade Love

For Valentine's day I made some gourmet vegan cupcakes.  I wanted to recreate the velvety sweetness of black forest cake and the gooey explosion of custard that can only be discovered in a Boston cream donut, so I grabbed a pad of paper and set out to mix and combine recipes.  
I settled on four different flavours and braced myself for several hours of cooking.  A day and a half later (twelve hours, actually) these little beauties came about.  The results were definitely worth the underestimated effort. 

This Boston Cream cupcake kept bursting from its custard.  The ganache was thick and rich though, so it kept a nice little 'cap' over the filling.

Layers of Kahlua and coffee-soaked cake complete this surprisingly light Tiramisu cupcake.

The cherry filling was very annoying to make- the consistency wouldn't harden for hours! But when it was done, it was well worth it, and I guess I have to say, it was the 'cherry on top' of the entire creation. Behold, the Black Forest cupcake.

This Cookies N' Cream cupcake was actually my personal favorite. Easy to make and very cream and true-to its origins.  Oh, by the way, Oreo cookies are vegan!


  1. I seriously can't believe you made these! They look like they could be from a cupcake store :) You did an amazing job!!

  2. Can I be your valentine next year? Please?